• CarbonReporting accelerates the transition to a net zero carbon world.

    We CARE about making it easier for you to manage your impact on the Planet.

  • Why we do it

    I believe that we are the last generation who can stop climate change, to do that, we have less than a decade to find the answers. So all business decisions must be made to make our kids be proud of us. Our 20 years of expertise at CarbonReporting can help you to take the first steps in the fight against climate change by creating your CarbonReport to realize your real impact on climate.





    Dr. Levente Horváth

    CEO // Lead scientist

  • How It Works

    Our 4-step tailor-made process



    Define the exact sources of your emissions



    Calculate the clusters' emissions



    Find company specific KPIs to define future measurement



    Define long-term targets and tools to meet with the 1.5°C scenario

  • What you get

    We tailor our services to suit your needs.


    Know your numbers

    Your CarbonReport contains all relevant emissions of your company.



    Decrease your emissions

    We enable you to diminish your company's emissions and meet with international goals.



    Report your emissions

    Your CarbonReport meets with GRI and SASB standards and can easily added to your Sustainability Report.


    Report your numbers

    Your CarbonReport is in ready-to-publish format, you can use it at CDP, TCFD or even for SBT targeting.

  • Additional services you might be interested in

    Calcutating Scope3 emissions

    Decarbonizing supply chains is key to meeting ambitious climate goals.

    Carbon offset

    Carbon offset is not only carbon emission reduction, but it brings many benefits to the environment. As well as local, social and biodiversity benefits.

    Carbon neutral operation

    We guide you on your way to net zero operation from your first CarbonReport until the your carbon neutrality,

    Climate strategy development

    Actions to reduce your carbon emissions can greatly curtail your climate change related risk and highlight the opportunities.

    Climate related KPI development

    Well defined KPIs help your company to drive on the right way to net zero operation.

    LCA analysis

    Quantify the environmental impacts of your product’s entire life cycle helps to assist consumers in making decisions that will benefit the environment.

    Consultancy of TCFD, SASB, CDP or other reporting platforms

    By reporting you can gain competitive advantage. Disclosure helps you get ahead of regulatory and policy changes, identify and tackle growing risks, and find new opportunities for action that your investors and customers worldwide are demanding.

    Further climate change or carbon emission related topics

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